A person, man or woman, who is skilled in a particular craft or art.

Code of ethics

  • Produces items unique in nature
  • Does not outsource to inexpensive foreign labour  
  • Produces items of quality and durability
  • Respects old when making new
  • Does not waste
  • Reclaim is part of their game
  • Respects the slow movement (+time=>quality)
  • Supports local fellow craftsmen
  • Avoids synthetic
  • Faux nothing. Real everything.

We are builders of custom homes, furniture, lighting, and functional art with an emphasis on solid design. We are local. We believe in the local economy and we believe in the work of those who operate on shoestring budgets out of their basements, small work shops and back lane garages. 

This collective endeavour allows for greater creative and expressive freedom, and an exciting collaboration with some of the best local craftsmen in trade. Built on spec, and available only after construction to love, each entity has a story to tell. It will include the stories of the tradesmen who have a love for traditional and modern craft, and who have a keen eye for timeless design.

It's an attempt to find a more meaningful way of doing what we love to do again, and stimulating the best in those who come to work each day to do what they do best.